Amsterdam – Second Floor

Each floor has its own look and personality. The Second Floor has two!

On Second Floor  we were able to save some of most interesting features of De Harmonie. The walls here are not all finished and neatly plastered as they are in the rest of the store, particularly the space around the windows and next to the elevator. You can see the history of the building in the layers of brick, plaster and paint. We call this The Wounded Wall.

Along the windows we have Languages, Reference, and True Crime books. The other side of the book wall faces the windows and makes a corridor or books that holds the start of the Fiction Section, Biographies and Gay & Lesbian books.  Look up and you’ll see the building’s original wooden rafters! These too have been left in their original state as much as possible- some of them are scarred with charcoal and missing chunks!

Another feature we wanted to keep was this doorway, inscribed with the motto “C’est le ton: qui fait la musique.” Unfortunately we didn’t get to keep the gorgeous stained glass that was in it. The door divides the second floor into two separate areas. One one side we havesections that include Math, Science, Reference, Business & Finance, History, Politics, Social Science, and Politics. We also have another ramp here which leads you up along the third level of The Book Wall.

If you look up from the doorway, you’re quite likely to see our skeleton Magere Hein, who lives up in the office on Floor 2.5 when he’s not being used in window displays. Dilbert hangs out here too. Floor 2.5 is also home to the mail room, marketing and accounts departments, the special order department, the adjunct directors and the director’s secretary. It’s not big, there’s a lot of desk sharing going on, but it is cosy. And it’s a great place to eavesdrop on conversations being held downstairs!

Go through the old doorway and you’ll think you’re in a different bookstore all together. This is The White Room, a tranquil, quiet space where books on Psychology, Spirituality, Consciousness, Bodywork, Nutrition, Health, Childcare, and Conspiranoia reach all the way up to the very high ceiling.

There’s a cash desk here, though it’s often missed. This is also where you can come pick up your Special Orders.

You can take the elevator, or all the ramps and stairs back down to the First Floor and Ground Floor.