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ABC Teacher Discount

What is the ABC Teacher Discount?

This is our gift to anyone who is "a teacher or lecturer working at an educational establishment in a teaching capacity" in The Netherlands.

It is free, issued yearly and valid until August 31st. Related to the 10% discount enjoyed by schools, this enables teachers to get 10% off all personal purchases. It is valid for almost all purchases, in-store and online: books, games, merchandise, e-books, magazines & sale items. The only items excluded are newspapers.

How does it work and how long is it valid?

You must be teaching in The Netherlands

In-store: Tell staff that you have been registered for the ABC Teacher Discount, they will look up your status in the computer.
Online: Your ABC Teacher Discount web account will be active for online purchases when you receive the confirmation email.

About the application process:
  • We do not issue a card, instead staff will check your status at the cash register.
  • The physical address & contact details of your place of work are only used for the purpose of verification.
  • If you are listed on your place of work's website, adding a web address will speed up verification.
  • Verification is done manually on weekdays, so may take some time.
  • Once processed you will receive a confirmation and, if granted, your discount is active immediately.
  • If accepted, your confirmation email will include a link to activate your ABC web-account.
  • The address of your place of work will not be added to your ABC web-account.
  • If you don't already have an ABC Web Account on your private email address, you can change the Teacher Discount account email to your private email address once accepted.

Apply for ABC Teacher Discount

Reminder: this service is only for those working in the Netherlands

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ABC Teacher Discount.

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