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Contact Us

ABC Amsterdam

Spui 12
1012 XA Amsterdam

020 625 5537

ABC The Hague

Lange Poten 23
2511 CM The Hague

070 364 2742

ABC Pop-Up Amstelveen

Stadshart Amstelveen
Binnenhof 27
1181 ZH Amstelveen

020 737 0801

Customer service

info@abc.nl - General store enquiries.

Special Order Queries

info@abc.nl - Collection in Amsterdam
dh@abc.nl - Collection in The Hague

info@abc.nl - Postal Orders

Self‑Publishing - EBM



events@abc.nl - General event enquiries.

Magazines Teams

mags@abc.nl - Amsterdam
dhmagazines@abc.nl - The Hague

Marketing & PR

press@abc.nl - Also see our press resources.


sponsor@abc.nl - Please read the Sponsorship Policy before contacting us.



Contact Us

Our Locations

ABC Amsterdam

Spui 12
1012 XA Amsterdam
The Netherlands

020 625 5537

All floors are accessible via the lift on the ground floor.

Walk: about 15 minutes from Central Station to the store.
Tram Stop Spui: 2, 11, 12
Tram Stop Rokin: 4, 14
Metro Stop Rokin: line 52

ABC The Hague

Lange Poten 23
2511 CM The Hague
The Netherlands

070 364 2742

Only the ground floor is accessible.

Walk: about 10 minutes from Central Station to the store.

ABC Treehut

Our events space in The Hague is accessible via stairs in the store, but only during events.

ABC Pop-Up Amstelveen

Stadshart Amstelveen
Binnenhof 27
1181 ZH Amstelveen
The Netherlands

020 737 0801

Access via the mall. (mall access info)

Tram Stop Amstelveen Stadshart: 5, 6
A'veen Busstation: various options available.

Our Locations

Opening Hours

All Opening Hours

Regular Opening Hours

Holiday & Special Opening Hours


About Us

Information for Customers

This holiday season will be different than before due to Covid19. We ask you to shop early because the demand for books is high and we anticipate shortages as well as shipping delays.

Our stores are open for limited browsing and collection of special orders, please follow our store guidelines as well as the official RIVM guidelines.
Stay at home if you have symptoms, and try to keep 1,5m distance from other persons. RIVM Guidelines: in Dutch or in English.

Please note that we prefer electronic payments. RIVM rules permitting, we offer wrapping in Amsterdam and Amstelveen. In The Hague there is not enough safe space to do the wrapping, so it is not possible this holiday season.

Thanksgiving 2020 - in-store
Everyone gets 10% off, and holders of a valid discount will receive 20% all in-stock items. (view all our 10% off possibilities in-store)

Thanksgiving 2020 - online
If you are the holder of a registered ABC Booklover Card, ABC Gold Card or ABC Teacher Discount you will get 20% off your online order if you have it shipped to you. If you purchase a Booklover Card on Thanksgiving, it will also give you 20% off your order (choose "ship the items" during checkout).

Order Online, avoid crowds
You can order your books online 24/7 and pick them up in one of our stores or have them sent to you. You also have the choice to have the book mailed to a loved one. We also provide a free wrapping service for online orders.

Additional Special Order and Shipping info
  • There may be delays at our suppliers or during shipping, so make your holiday orders early.
  • Free shipping for orders over €20 within the Netherlands
  • Free shipping for our 65+ customers who have an ABC Gold Card.
  • For any information or advice you can always call us or send us an email.

    Corona Virus and ABC
    Press Resources


    There are no openings at the moment.

    However, you are welcome to send your CV and a cover letter to work@abc.nl.

    • A proper command of the Dutch language is required.
    • Our stores are open 7 days a week.
    • Working in both stores, or external events is occasionally expected.


    Events & News

    Upcoming Event List

    Trade-In Days


    ABC Mailings

    You can subscribe to our ABC Mailings on most pages of the site, or select your favorites from all the subjects via this link.

    Regular Mailings: general store and event information.

    Please note that, from 2020, we are combining the "Events & News" into one mailing.

    • Events: Listing of ABC related events in both cities. View our upcoming events list.
    • News: Book related news: new titles, ABC Blog highlights, special events and competitions. Once in a while we'll send you an extra mailing with special news and offers.
    Irregular Mailings
    • Press Releases: Newsworthy events or store news.
    • Schools: Related to our Schools Program which promotes "English for Dutch Kids".
    • Bargains: New bargains available at either store.
    ABC Mailings

    Social Media
    ABC Blog    Facebook    Flickr    Hebban
    Instagram    LinkedIn    Twitter    Youtube


    Schools & Libraries
    ABC Schools Program

    School and Library Discount

    Whether you have a list of titles or prefer to select them directly from our shelves, the Special Order Department will help you to fulfill your order.

    These orders automatically get a 10% discount.

    Send your order or inquiry to info@abc.nl

    School and Library Discount

    Self‑Publishing with Betty
    Guidelines & FAQ

    Self‑Publishing Pricing

    Price Per Book (80g paper)
    • 40 to 179 pages: € 3.50 + 6 cents per page
    • 180 to 200 pages: € 14.30
    • above 200 pages: € 14.30 + 6 cents per page above 200 pages
    Initial Upload Fee
    • € 25 * for the first file upload, including 3 updates. (does not include sample copy)
    • € 30 * ISBN supplied by ABC (AnyBook Press) and upload onto www.abc.nl
    • € 30 * for minor formatting adjustments (time permitting, please ask in advance)
    International Sales
    • Your book will be uploaded to the EBM International Network
    • Requires a Basic upload first (see above)
    • € 12.50 * handling (for initial upload & per update)
    Please Note:
    • Prerequisite: Both files are supplied print ready.
    • To sell via ABC, an ISBN is required.
    * discounts do not apply for these elements
    Self-Publishing Pricing

    Other Services

    Books for Your Interior Design

    The American Book Center offers the following services to hotels, cafes and any other business planning to decorate its spaces with books:

    • English language books for interior decoration, be it hardcover, softcover, coffee table books, etc - from small to very large quantities.
    • the right selection for your location, chosen by knowledgeable booksellers, whatever the topic might be: travel, fashion, photography, general literature, business etc.
    • a discount (15-25%) for all big quantity orders, starting from only 10 copies

    Interested? Please contact us via marketing@abc.nl and let us know how we can support your design plans.

    Books for Your Interior Design

    Sell Your Books on Consignment

    This is a service for local self‑published authors who would like to sell their books via ABC.

    • Complete the "Option for Consignment" form. (download as .doc or .pdf)
    • Include all your contact information and as much product information as you have.
    • Bring a sample copy of your book and the "Option for Consignment" form to either store and leave it with/for the buyer of the section for review.
    • The buyer will take a look at it and decide whether to add it to their selection.

    • If accepted, ABC will keep the sample copy for display and administration purposes.
    • The sample will not be remitted.
    • ABC will make a consignment contract with you for 3-5 copies. (download example contract .pdf)

    • The contract runs for 90 days and you receive 65% of the net price per copy sold.
    • ABC will add the book to the product database, display it in the appropriate section and recommend it on the site.

    • At the end of the consignment period, you will receive payment for the books sold.
    • The buyer will decide whether to renew the contract depending on its sales.
    • You are responsible for the delivery and return costs.

    If sales are very good, ABC may buy copies instead selling on consignment.

    Sell Your Books on Consignment

    Sponsorship Requests

    The American Book Center (ABC) is committed to partnering with organizations or individuals that stimulate reading, writing and the arts. However, before you send us your request, we ask that you read our Sponsorship Policy

    Them, please contact us via sponsor@abc.nl with your complete proposal.

    Sponsorship Requests

    Special Deals

    ABC Favorites

    ABC Favorites are (modern) classics that we highly recommend! We aim to always have them in stock and offer these titles to you at special low prices.

    You can find the ABC Favorites throughout our stores and they are available for order on our ABC Favorites List.

    ABC Favorites
    ABC Booklover Box

    Large Quantity Deals

    Ordering large quantities (10+ copies of a single title or more than 20+ copies of multiple titles), entitles you to a discount. This also applies to books printed in store on our Espresso Book Machine.

    The Discount:
    Single Title
    10-29 copies 15%
    30-59 copies 20%
    59+ copies 25%
    Mixed Titles
    20-49 copies 15%
    50-99 copies 20%
    100+ copies 25%

    Making an order:

    Large Quantity orders can only be made via email to our Special Order department. info@abc.nl

  • Your Booklover, Gold or Teacher discount is not applicable on top of Large Quantity Discounts.
  • Some specialized titles are unfortunately not available for the Large Quantity Discount. You will be notified whether this is the case.
  • Large Quantity Deals
    School and Library Discount

    You & ABC

    Your Account - all the info

    Creating a new account

    You can create an account with a password during the checkout process.
    If you choose not to add a password, your account is still available for in store special orders.

    Add a password to an in-store account

    Follow the steps for a "Forgot Password" as described below.
    You will need to know which email address you used for registration of your Booklover Card or special order.

    Lost/New Password

    Request a password reset link via the login form.

    • LOGIN
    • Click on the "Forgot password?" link under the green Login button.
    • Then fill in the email (or username) that is associated with your account.

    • You will receive an email at the address registered in your account with the reset link.
      Note: if your email doesn't arrive please check the 'junk email' folder or add abc.nl to the 'safe senders' list.

    • Click on the Reset your password button (or paste the link provided into your browser) to return to abc.nl

    • Enter a new password.
    • You should be logged in automatically.

    Download detailed instructions here

    Your Profile & Order History

    Once you've made an order and created an account with password, you will be able to view and update your profile.

    If applicable, it includes your ABC Discount status and ABC Teacher Discount application info.

    You are able to view your orders via the profile page. This includes the items ordered and the status.

    Creating an account

    You can create an account with a password during the checkout process.
    If you choose not to add a password, your account is still available for in store special orders.

    Creating an account

    Lost/New Password

    Request a password reset link via the login form.
    To activate an in-store account for web orders, enter the email address used for registration of your Booklover Card or special order.

    • Click on LOGIN
    • Click on the "Forgot password?" link under the green Login button.
    • Then fill in the email (or username) that is associated with your account.

    • You will receive an email at the address registered in your account with the reset link.
      Note: if your email doesn't arrive please check the 'junk email' folder or add abc.nl to the 'safe senders' list.

    • Click on the Reset your password button (or paste the link provided into your browser) to return to abc.nl

    • Enter a new password.
    • You should be logged in automatically.

    Download detailed instructions here

    Lost/New password

    Your Profile & Order History

    Once you've made an order and created an account with password, you will be able to view and update your profile.
    If applicable, it includes your ABC Discount status and ABC Teacher Discount application info.

    You are able to view your orders via the profile page. This includes the items ordered and the status.

    Your Profile & Order History

    ABC's Privacy Policy

    We have created this statement to demonstrate our commitment to your privacy, to explain how we collect information and how we use the information we collect about our website users. If you have any questions about this privacy statement please address them to info@abc.nl.

    We use your information only as set out in this Policy and will not sell, rent, or pass your information on to others for marketing purposes without your consent.

    This statement is subject to change at any time. The way we use any information will be subject to the privacy statement that is current when that information is gathered. Please check this page regularly to see any changes.


    What Are Cookies? Our website abc.nl places tiny text files called cookies onto your computer, tablet or mobile device. This is standard practice for almost all websites. Cookies are not harmful to your computer and are an essential part of online shopping. They allow us to give you a more efficient customer experience.

    We use our own cookie for technical purposes essential to the effective operation of abc.nl, particularly in relation to online transactions. As we use a payment service provider (pay.nl) all data traffic concerning payments will be securely created outside abc.nl on the website of the bank of your choice.

    Beside our own cookie, ABC lets a third party cookie be set by Google in order to make use of Google Analytics. This cookie does not collect personal data, is anonymized and thus is not able to identify you as an individual customer. Using Google Analytics enables abc.nl to collect anonymous information about the browsing and shopping activities of our customers solely for internal analysis.

    To enrich our website content, sometimes we may embed video content from other social media websites such as YouTube or Facebook. As a result, when you visit a page with content embedded, you may be presented with cookies from these websites. We has no control or liability over these cookies set, so you should check the relevant third party's cookie policy for more information.

    We also offer a "share page" widget on some of our web pages, where content can be shared easily on the following sites Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. These sites may set a cookie when you are logged into their service. The American Book Center has no control or liability over these cookies set, so you should check the relevant third party's cookie policy for more information.

    If cookies aren't enabled in your web browser, it will mean that your shopping experience on our abc.nl will be limited to browsing and researching; you won't be able to add products to your basket and buy them. For more information about cookies in general and how to manage them, visit www.allaboutcookies.org


    When you place an order on abc.nl or in one of our stores, the information needed to complete it is transferred securely from our website or intranet to our order system. The information may consists of: first name, last name, email address, telephone number, address, zipcode and city and allows us to fulfill your order and notify you of the status of your order. During the ordering process none of this information will be passed on to any of our third-party service providers (wholesalers, shippers, payment service provider etc.). For our mailorders we use post.nl as shipper. For mailing registered parcels via post.nl it is necessary to register the name and address of the receiver in post.nl's web-based software.


    The American Book Center has always emailed its mailings to emailadresses given to us on an opt-in basis and will continue to do so. If you wish to stop receiving some or all of the information that we currently send, you may amend or remove your preferences by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of our emails and following the instructions provided.

    Removal of personal data

    If you wish to have your personal information removed from our database, please contact us at info@abc.nl. Upon such request, The American Book Center will anonymize or remove from public view any content posted to our website.


    The American Book Center's website is not intended for use by children under the age of 13. We do not knowingly collect or store any personal information from children under the age of 13. We encourage parents and guardians to spend time with their children online and to be fully familiar with the online services used by their children. If a parent or guardian becomes aware that his or her child under 13 has provided us with information without his or her consent, he or she should contact us at info@abc.nl. We will delete such information from our files as soon as possible.

    last updated: May 15, 2018

    ABC Privacy Policy


    10% off at ABC - overview

    Booklover Card, Gold Card, and Teacher Discount
    These are for ABC Booklovers and can be used online as well as in our stores.

    55+ Mondays, CJP/BCA Docentenpas, Cultureel Jongeren Paspoort, European Youth Card, Ooievaarspas, Stadshart Amstelveen Personal Shopping Card, Stadspas, and Students (high-school and higher education)
    This discount is complimentary and only applicable in store. (Detailed descriptions)

    Schools & Libraries, ABC Favorites, and Large Quantity Orders
    Special deals are available for large orders; schools and libraries always get 10% off. Our ABC Favorites are always at a special price for all.

    10% off at ABC

    Booklover Card

    The Booklover Card costs € 7 and is available in-store and online (during the checkout process).

    It is valid for one year from the day of purchase and the discount is immediately applicable.

    Booklover Card

    Gold Card

    The Gold Card is for our 65+ customers and was inspired by the theme of 2008's Dutch National Book Week which was (roughly translated) "Of Old People: The Third Age and Literature".

    It is free and can be obtained by registering at either store.
    All we need is proof of your age.

    Gold Card

    Complimentary 10% Off

    This discount is complimentary and only applicable in our stores.

    55+ Mondays

    Customers aged 55+ receive 10% off on mondays. All you need to do is show us proof of your age. We'll accept any official ID card with your date of birth.
    To avoid any confusion: If you also have a valid ABC Card you will not be entitled to a 20% discount on Mondays.

    CJP/BCA Docentenpas

    The CJP/BCA Docentenpas has been available to teachers since 2012. (www.cjp.nl)

    Cultureel Jongeren Paspoort

    "CJP (Cultureel Jongeren Paspoort) offers everyone under 30 great discounts at more than 1.500 places in the Netherlands. Get your discount on cd's, at museums, movie theatres, musicals..." and also at The American Book Center. (www.cjp.nl)

    European Youth Card

    "The European Youth Card is packed with discounts on culture, accommodation, travel, shopping and more. Discover Europe, get useful info and participate in projects. The European Youth Card - it takes you places!" - the CJP is part of this association. (www.eyca.org)

    Ooievaarspas - The Hague

    Ooievaarspas is an initiative of the city council of The Hague. It gives the holder discounts on various courses, sport and cultural activities. (www.ooievaarspas.nl)

    Personal Shopping Card - Stadshart Amstelveen

    Available via the Stadshart Amstelveen Mall. (stadshartamstelveen.nl/loyaltyprogram)

    Stadspas - Amsterdam

    Stadspas is an initiative of the city council of Amsterdam. It aims to make culture, sport and recreational events accessible to those groups who run the risk of social and cultural isolation. (www.stadspas.nl)


    We give discount to high-school and higher education students who can show a valid school id, enrollment papers or have access to an education facility app. Show us your Student ID card (not your 'OV' card) and you'll get the discount.

    Complimentary 10% Off
    Teacher Discount


    Books, eBooks & Magazines
    eBook Info and FAQ

    Book Types & Bindings

      Hard Bindings
    • Board Book
      Great for small children, the pages of board books are made from sturdy cardboard to handle rough use.
    • Hardcover
      A hardcover book (also known within the book industry as Trade Cloth), which may or may not have a dust jacket.
    • Library Bound
      A sturdy hardcover binding produced to withstand long-term use. Most Library Bound books do not have a dust jacket.

    • Soft Bindings
    • Mass Market
      A smaller paperback, the size you often find at a supermarket.
    • Spiral Bound
      A continuous metal cord binding often used for workbooks or other "how-to" books.
    • Trade Paperback
      Usually taller, wider, with larger font, and printed on nicer paper than a mass market.

    • Other
    • Dust Jacket
      Also known as a dustwrapper (dw), the dust jacket is the (usually) decorative paper wrapper placed around a book for protection.
    • eBook
      An e-book is a book published in digital form and it is readable on an e-reader, computer or other suitable device.
    • Slipcase
      A cardboard case covered in paper, cloth, or leather, the slipcase houses a book, leaving only its spine exposed. The book may be any binding type.
    Book Types & Bindings
    Print On Demand

    Print on Demand with Betty
    Betty the Book Machine
    Print on Demand FAQ

    Gift Certificates

    ABC Gift Certificates

    The ABC Gift Certificates are redeemable on all stock and in-store services. That includes magazines, books, stationery, merchandise and food.

    Do they expire?

    They have no expiration date but must be dated and signed by staff to be valid.

    Can I use them for online orders?

    Unfortunately not, they are only redeemable in our stores.

    Available denominations

    Depending on the total order amount, we use a combination of the following denominations:
    € 5, € 7.50, € 10, € 15, € 20, and € 25.

    How do I purchase a gift certificate?

    You can buy ABC gift certificates in the store or via this email order form.
    You may also call us, but will have to supply an email address for the payment link.

    Our Special Order staff will fulfill your order and contact you as soon as possible.
    Please note that, since this is not an automated process, it may take a little while to process.

    How does it work?
    • ABC receives your information via phone or the email form above.
    • You receive an email with a link.
    • There is a standard shipping fee of € 1.95 per order.
    • Once the payment has been made, the Gift Certificates are sent to the recipient address provided.
    ABC Gift Certificates

    Other Gift Certificates

    We accept the Nederlandse Boekenbon and the VVV Cadeaubon/Cadeaukaart in our stores and we sell the Nederlandse Boekenbon too.

    Can I use them for online orders?

    Unfortunately not, they are only redeemable in our stores.

    Other Gift Certificates

    Order Process & Info


    Stock status

    Our website includes all the books available to us from our distributors, but unfortunately we don't have the space to stock everything.

    Our buyers keep up with trends, long-term favorites and important basic titles to stock their sections.

    For a real time stock check, please call us:

    ABC Amsterdam
    020 625 5537
    ABC The Hague
    070 364 2742
    ABC Pop-Up Amstelveen
    020 737 0801
    Stock status

    Hard-to-find Books

    The availability of a book - title or edition - changes with time. If it is no longer in print you may not find it on our website. Some books disappear from one month to the next. However, our staff may be able to track these books down.

    "Second-hand" or "Hard-To-Find" Book Service

    If you cannot find the book on our site, email us at info@abc.nl.

    Supply as much information about the book as you can, especially title and author, and if you have an ISBN that is helpful too.

    The quality of these books ranges from "brand new" to "scuffed" and they are priced accordingly by our supplier.
    For these books you may have to pay a deposit as they are often difficult to return or too specific to sell in the store.

    Hard-to-find Books

    Ordering Books

    Regular Orders

    • Most orders can be made via this website. You will have to make an account, and can pay via iDEAL or credit card. If the book is available you will be able to add it to the shopping cart via the detailed book page. For more info on the order process, see the Checkout Process.
    • You are welcome to call or email us to help you find the books you need.
      Amsterdam   020 625 5537   info@abc.nl
      The Hague   070 364 2742   dh@abc.nl

    Large Quantity or School Orders

    Ordering Books

    Checkout Process

    Once you're ready to make your order, click on CART

    Review your order
    • Here you can delete items or change the quantity. Prices shown here are excluding discount and shopping costs are added later, if necessary.
    • When you're ready, Proceed to checkout
    Your Details
    • Sign in to verify your details if you're a returning customer, or complete the new customer form if this is your first visit.
    • New customers can choose to add a password to their account.
    • You can add an alternate shipping address.
    • When you've reviewed your details, Proceed to Delivery and Payment
    Delivery and Payment
    • Choose to have your order shipped to you, or to collect it from either store.
    • Payment is required for all orders that contain eBooks.
    • Select your method of payment.
    • You can review your order, and your discount and (possible) shipping fee will be visible.
    • When you've made your choices, Place order
    • You pay via your own bank (iDEAL) or a credit card (PayPal).
    • You will be redirected to pay.nl for the processing of your payment.
    • Once your transaction is complete, you will be redirected back to abc.nl
    Payment Failed
    • This happens when you cancel the payment process or the payment cannot be made.
    • You can choose to revise your order or choose another payment method.
    Order Confirmation
    • You will receive an email with the details of your order.
    • If you're missing emails, please check your spam folder and add our adress to your safe list.
    • eBook download link emails will be sent separately, one per eBook.
    • Find more on eBooks on our eBook Info and FAQ page.
    Order Inquires
    • Contact our Special Order department, please have your order number handy.
    • 020 625 5537 or info@abc.nl
    Checkout Process


    Payment Options

    Payment is required for all orders containing eBooks.

    Payment provider pay.nl
    All our transactions are processed through this payment provider. This service is kept up to international safety standards and ensures that your financial details are handled securely.

    Credit Card (AMEX, Visa, Master Card) are handled via PayPal. You do not need to have a PayPal account.

    Bank transfer made through your bank login via iDEAL.

    Please Note: we cannot accept gift certificates for online payments. They are only redeemable in our stores.

    Payment Options

    Your ABC Discount

    Your 10% ABC Booklover, ABC Gold Card or ABC Teacher Discount will be automatically processed if linked to your web account.

    If your ABC Booklover Card card has expired, you will be able to renew it during the checkout process.

    The ABC Teacher Discount is only available after your application has been approved.

    Your ABC Discount

    Shipping & Collection

    Shipping - via Postal Service

    The Netherlands - updated shipping from November 2nd, 2020

    We offer free shipping for all mail orders above € 20 to addresses within the Netherlands.
    Please note that due to the Corona virus situation, orders from our international distributors may be delayed.

    To be sure, please call or email us for an estimate of the order and delivery time.
       Amsterdam   020 625 5537   info@abc.nl
       The Hague   070 364 2742   dh@abc.nl

    The Netherlands

    We charge standard rates within The Netherlands.

    1 - 3 books € 2.50 per book.
    4+ books € 10.00 flat rate.

    1st magazine € 2.50.
    Each additional magazine € 0.50.

    Other Countries

    We charge estimated shipping costs during the checkout process and amend these later so that you only pay the actual shipping costs. Our Special Order staff will let you know what the actual costs are once they are known.

    view the complete country list

    For the exact shipping costs, please inquire via:
    020 625 5537

    Shipping - via Postal Service

    Same day delivery - by Courier

    When tomorrow just won't do, we can generally get the book to you by the end of the afternoon.

    Give us a call to check if the title you want is in stock and we will let you know what your options for same day delivery are and what the costs would be depending on speed, location and volume.

    Payment happens fast and easy by iDeal, PayPal (credit card), through a link we send to your e-mail address.

    If you live in or near the center of Amsterdam or Den Haag, we can send an environmentally friendly bike courier your way.

    If you live further away, we can arrange a less-green-but-still-fast-courier-by-car.

    For the exact courier costs, please inquire via:
    020 625 5537

    Same day delivery - via Courier

    Shipping Countries

    Shipping Countries

    Collecting your order

    Once an order is ready for collection you will receive an email or phone call. The orders are kept in the store of your choice (made during the order) for 3 weeks. During the summer, the period is lengthened to 4 weeks.

    If you are unable to collect it within the time limit, please let our Special Order Department know. You can reply to the collection notification email, or send an email with the book/order details to info@abc.nl, or call 020 625 5537


    Orders for collection are kept behind the counter on the second floor, in the White Room.

    The Hague

    You can collect your order from the counter at the back of the store.

    Collecting your order

    Order status

    Order Processing

    Whether inquiring at a desk, via phone, email or ordering online, staff at the appropriate department will check for availability in the store.

    If the book is in stock, you will receive it as soon as possible, or be notified that it is waiting for you at the Special Order Desk at the store of your choice.

    If it is not in stock we will order it from one of our suppliers.
    The arrival time (in the store) depends on availability and generally ranges from 7 to 10 days. If available at a local supplier, delivery is much faster.

    If the book you are looking for is (or becomes) unavailable - out of print, in reprint or sold out - you will be contacted. We also have a "second-hand" or "hard-to-find" book service.

    Order Processing

    Change or Cancel an order

    You can do so by contacting the Special Order department.

    Please refer to the order number on your confirmation email, or give as many details as possible of the book(s) in your order.

    020 625 5537

    Change or Cancel an order

    Returns Policy

    Books, if in perfect condition and with the receipt, may be returned within 8 days of purchase in exchange for a credit note. We do not give cash refunds.

    Magazines, special orders, used books, calendars and cards are non-returnable. Games, audiocassettes and dvd's are also non-returnable if not in their original seal.

    eBooks are non-returnable. Unless there is a problem with the file itself and this has been verified by us with our distributor.

    If you received the book by mail, please contact the Special Order department for instructions. Please note that, without their approval, returns will not be accepted.

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    Returns Policy

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